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Conflicting to widespread acceptance, Megaladon is not closely related to white shark. In 1834 megalodon was first described on the basis of their fossils, they were grouped in same genus as the white shark i.e. Carcharodon . Both sharks had big and saw-like teeth and were giant killer of their time. But with time the knowledge about sharks and fossils has grown and it leads to some important amendments in the old record. A new genus Carcharocles was created and Megalodon sharks were put in this genus.

The Megalodon was the last part of chronospecies, Otodus shark were traced back nearly 60 million years. Megalodon had a big jaw and feed on big fishes and whales. Many whale’s fossils have clear signs of bite similar to teeth of Megalodon shark. Other archaeological sites have found Megalodon teeth lying next to the crushed remains of whales.  Megalodon shark was approximately 3 times longer and 20 times heavier as the Great White Shark.


Author: Megalodon Sharki

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