The most dangerous sharks of the world

Sharks have always been a great danger to humans specially when humans are neing over populated and decentralized and are inhabiting those wildlife areas which were heaven for animals.

3: Tiger shark

tiger shark the most dangerous shark of the world on earth

tiger shark

tiger shark are one of the most dangerous predators of oceans, they are named tiger because they have black strips at their end which give a look of a tiger, they can be as long as 16 feet, these sharks mostly go on hunting at night time but have large list of prey and can attack almost anything that comes in front of them like fishes, marine mammals, birds, smaller sharks and even humans.

They are on second of the list of sharks who have big number of attacks on humans followed by Great white shark. Tiger sharks love to swim in tropical and sub tropical waters often quite close to the shores hence the chances of human encounters with these sharks become greater.

They are slow and calm swimmers and make the prey difficult to detect them until they attack. Once it comes near the prey it swiftly comes upon it while making sure that the prey doesn’t escapes.

Great white shark:

great white shark the most dangerous sharks of the world

great white shark

Great white sharks are the primary predators of marine life form, they are enormous and merciless but humans don’t come in their primary list of preys, great white shark is ranked number 1 in list of sharks which attacked humans the most.

These sharks could be as long as 20 feet and could weight 500 pounds. These sharks could have life span of 30 years and they love to swim near coastal areas around the world hence the chance of encounter with humans becomes greater.

They have large list of prey while humans do not come in their primary list of preys most of the time the encounter with human is due to the presence of human at wrong place at wrong time.

These sharks are considered to be the epic predators but still there is a specie of whale called killer whale or orca and it was found that the regions where these two marine life forms overlapped orca used to hunt down great white shark.

1: Megalodon:

carcharodon megalodon the most dangerous sharks of the world

megalodon shark

Carcharodon Megalodon were the largest, most bulkier and most dangerous sharks of the world they could be twice as long as great white shark of today and could weight twice of great white shark.

Some scientists believe that Megalodon shark is the bulkier version of great white shark of today, however these sharks are believed to got extinct about 1.5 million years ago, many movies and books have been written on this enormous sized shark, most of the information about these sharks were obtained from their fossil┬áremaining’s including megalodon teeth.

By noting the bite force of Carcharodon megalodon it was found that they were the most powerful marine life form that ever existed and they were extreme predators, they love to swim in tropical areas and they were very mobile and hence their fossil remains were found almost from all over the world.

One of their fascinating things is their teeth, their tooth can be as long as 170mm and could weight about 1/2 kg.

Some scientists believe that still about 60% of the ocean is still undiscovered so who knows that a megalodon shark might show up some day.




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