List of top 5 most biggest sharks of the world

Sharks from beginning are the biggest predators who rule oceans and seas, no one wants to hear shout of “big shark” by a coast guard when you are at swimming or surfing, the speed size and strength of these marine creatures make them most dangerous and unavoidable threat when you are at their place.

Here is list of top 5 most biggest and dangerous sharks of the world.

5: Tiger shark:

tiger shark

tiger shark

They are big mean and fast and they will catch you before you have any other clue in your mind. they can be as long as 20 feet and could weight up to 100 kg or 1 ton. They are called tiger sharks because they have narrow mouth and have very high swimming speed.

4: Great white shark:

Great white shark are the biggest hunters of humans unfortunately they mostly like to swim in coastal area hence most of the time find some humans for their lunch.

They are quite bulkier from tiger shark and could be as long as 25 feet and could weight about 2.5 tons which is quite big mass compared to their length.

Great white shark are thought to be from the family of Carcharodon from where the great megalodon existed.

3: Basking shark:

List of top 5 most biggest sharks of the world

basking shark

Basking is the absolute bulkier sharks of all but fortunately they are not predators, their mouth structure is such that they can not attack and torn any life form.

They can be as long as 35 feet and could weight about 15 tons.

2: Whale shark:

As by name they resemble whales, whale shark is calm big and slow swimmer. Like basking shark they are also not the predators just slow moving hunter which usually hunts fishes and other marine life forms, they are thought to be existed for more than 60 million years.

1: Megalodon:

carcharodon megalodon List of top 5 most biggest sharks of the world

carcharodon megalodon

They are the absolute beast in the family of sharks, they belong to carcharodon sub class, they were the biggest and most fastest and dangerous predators ever existed on this planet, scientists believe that this kind of specie got extinct about 1.5 million years ago, but some scientists believe that still 50% of the ocean is still undiscovered, so who knows they might still show up.

These sharks could be as long as 70 feet and could weight about 47 metric tons.

Author: Umer

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