A boy amazingly caught a shark

A boy named todd amazingly caught a bull shark from fresh water from Georgia.

According to geographic experts bull shark are aggressive and danger and are ranked as most killer sharks for humans.

Bull shark caught amazingly

bull shark

They normally do go out for search of meat and can be at wrong place at wrong time, if some one unfortunately comes in front of them at wrong time then they can be extremely dangerous to life.

According to the national geographic analyst these sharks are not endangered specie though they are widely hunt across the oceans for meat and jaws, this 16 year old boy dramatically caught a big bull shark from fresh water using hook and ropes and dragged the big mass to surface and took out the jaws to sell them.

Bull shark can some times be extremely dangerous as they are agressive fast and can be in fresh waters which can be ponds or lakes where people often go for picnic and even swim freely, but these sharks can’t be dangerous for a boy like todd.

Author: Umer

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